About the Data and Extensions

Data Description

  • age: defendant’s age

  • c_charge_degree: degree charged (Misdemeanor of Felony)

  • race: defendant’s race

  • age_cat: defendant’s age quantized in “less than 25”, “25-45”, or “over 45”

  • score_text: COMPAS score: ‘low’(1 to 5), ‘medium’ (5 to 7), and ‘high’ (8 to 10).

  • sex: defendant’s gender

  • priors_count: number of prior charges

  • days_b_screening_arrest: number of days between charge date and arrest where defendant was screened for compas score

  • decile_score: COMPAS score from 1 to 10 (low risk to high risk)

  • is_recid: if the defendant recidivized

  • two_year_recid: if the defendant within two years

  • c_jail_in: date defendant was imprisoned

  • c_jail_out: date defendant was released from jail

  • length_of_stay: length of jail stay


Another interesting fairness analysis might be to consider group outcomes by gender or age. In fact, a 2017 appeal to the US Supreme Court challenged the role of gender in determining COMPAS scores.