How to fix common errors

Fix it yourself

  1. If you see something like pd is not defined look for a cell that includes import pandas as pd and make sure that is has been run.

  2. If you see NameError Check that all of the code cells have a number to the left that says that they have run. If they have not, click on each one that has not yet run, and run that one again.

  3. If you see output like <bound method ... check that you used with the ()

  4. To go back, use tut.previous() or tut.previous(3) to go back 3 steps, you can go back any number of steps

  5. To repeat a step use tut.repeat()

Useful cells to copy

These bits are common lines that are useful to copy, but knowing when to use them might require the advice of a a TA or helper.

original dataset:

df_pp = pd.read_csv("", header=0).set_index('id')

clean dataset:

df = pd.read_csv('')

quantized dataset:

dfQ = pd.read_csv('')